David Page

Founder & CEO

David is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Chicago Law School, studying under Barack Obama and Judge Richard Posner, among others.  After law school, he clerked on the US Court of Appeals and worked for the largest Washington DC law firm, Wilmer Hale.  He is an author of several books and contributing author to Times of Israel.  He has taught a law school course on the deconstruction of environmental policies, and built his own boutique law firm.  It was here that he reimagined the practice of law from the perspective of both clients and their attorneys.  This led David to become a U.S. tech entrepreneur as well.  He’s the Founder and CEO of Inside Outside Counsel.

David's story

After attending an "elite" law school and clerking on the federal court of appeals, David started his career at one of the biggest of the Big Law Firms in the US. Over the years, David observed the pressures of increasing billable hours. He would find himself sleeping on his office floor and supervising mega-teams of lawyers designed to outgun the opposition. David also saw small- and medium-sized companies simply priced out of the market, left without top legal counsel because the large teams of high-priced lawyers and the pressure to increase billing rates were too much for smaller and mid-size businesses to bear. After working in the field of high tech and business law among others, David decided it was time to change the way the game was played, to offer an innovative solution that would change the way lawyers did their work and the way smaller companies were able to harness that work.

Connect with David

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Pinny Becher

Chief Operating Officer
Pinny is the Chief Operating Officer of Inside Outside Counsel. Pinny is a native of New Jersey, and was a lawyer in a large firm in the high-tech space . Pinny wanted to create something that leveled the playing field for smaller companies and that also allowed lawyers to maintain their dignity and proper work-life balance while also having the professional satisfaction of serving their clients well.
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Liz Everson

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
Liz is the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer of Inside Outside Counsel.  Liz has 20 years of experience spanning across Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in both the CPG and B2B spaces. She has built remote marketing teams and led growth strategies for multiple start-ups and new solutions in the tech space. Her strategies scaled a growth engine in a company to over 60,000 qualified leads. Liz has an entrepreneurial spirit and appreciates the entrepreneurial mission of IOC.
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